Initial Teacher Training

What Our Trainees Say

Completing my teacher training with Stour Vale has provided a local training base situated right on my doorstep within the Black Country. They create relatable and accessible experiences by having placement schools that are close to home. The Stour Vale team offer a warm and personable approach with their support and training sessions which fill you with confidence and reassurance. Your developing teacher identity is championed in a professional and ‘family like’ environment that is filled with well-planned coaching and guidance. Training with Stour Vale has been the highlight of my PGCE, where I have received exceptional levels of support and created friends for life! I cannot recommend Stour Vale enough!

Primary Trainee 2023-24

The course surpassed my expectations and I have no regrets about choosing the School Direct route through Stour Vale; it has fully prepared me to begin teaching and made me confident in my ability to do so. The School Direct route has offered extensive support both within the school and at university and has allowed me to experience every aspect of school life.

History Trainee 2020-21

The course has suited me really well as it has balanced what I was looking for: accessible school placements so I could balance my childcare requirements whilst still having high-quality training from a range of university and school experts. I would thoroughly recommend Stour Vale as their support has been excellent.

Primary Trainee 2022-23

I chose this course as I wanted to be part of a supportive network whilst training. That’s exactly what I have had with Stour Vale. My placement schools have also been close to home.

PE Trainee 2022-23

Stour Vale provide a teacher training course that is perfect for those who want to stay local and be part of a supportive community. Tom and Andy are so supportive; from issues with transportation to placements, to planning a lesson for an interview, they have your back! The course has allowed me to realise my own potential as a teacher and develop my practice with consistent levels of support. I have really enjoyed the training and wish I had applied sooner!

Primary Trainee 2022-23

I already knew of the wonderful reputation of Stour Vale when I had first started looking into courses (2019). I preferred the personal and warm approach that the staff at Stour Vale took; it felt like they would care for my individual progress as a teacher. I had also asked a number of newer teachers of their training experiences in the local area, and Stour Vale were recommended and held in high regard by all former Stour Vale trainees I spoke to. It was also great that they are local and have links with local schools.

Primary Trainee 2020-21

As an ex-pupil, my expectations of the teaching school were very high. Most significant to development, and what I feel makes this teaching school outstanding, is the level of support offered to trainees. Whether this be the constant care and attention of a mentor, or just a quick tip off the head.

English Trainee 2020-21

I chose Stour Vale for a number of reasons. Firstly, the course suited my needs and requirements. Secondly, they were very welcoming when I called to learn more about the course. Finally, when I went for my interview I was again made to feel very welcome and I was given great feedback. I felt that the course provided by Stour Vale would be the best fit for me and I have to say they have done a great job during the pandemic this year.
Geography Trainee 2020-21

When I first started training to be a teacher, I was apprehensive about the huge responsibility of teaching students effectively whilst also learning on the job. What makes the teaching school at Stour Vale so special is the invaluable support it offered me throughout the whole year. Subject mentors commit to offering quality feedback after every lesson, advice on how to progress further whilst gradually giving you more time to teach independently in readiness for your NQT. Meanwhile, meaningful weekly training sessions prepared me for all aspects of school life and a time to share and reflect with other trainees. Above all, I am most grateful for the freedom I was given to try all manner of techniques in the classroom that allowed me to find and develop my own teaching style. No matter your specialisation, all subject departments at Redhill make you feel a valued member of the team!

English Trainee 2019-20

I chose Stour Vale because it is an intimate school-based route to teaching. You learn a lot more skills being in school and gain more experience to build confidence in the classroom.

Primary Trainee 2019-20

After meeting Stour Vale mentors in person at Get into Teaching events, I found that what was on offer really suited me and felt wanted in the conversations. I like the schools within the Stour Vale partnership and the layout of the programme. It all seemed to suit me perfectly for what I was looking for. I am currently really enjoying all aspects so my initial choice was the correct one!

Maths Trainee 2019-20

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