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Maths Hub

What are Maths Hubs?

Maths Hubs were established in 2014 to help schools and colleges lead improvement in mathematics education in England. They seek to harness all the maths leadership and expertise within an area, to develop and spread excellent practice for the benefit of all pupils and students. They are part of the wider development of school-led system leadership in England.

What do Maths Hubs do?

  • Lead several mathematical work groups to improve teaching & learning, with the aim of improving student outcomes.
  • In a Maths Hub Work Group, schools work together in a structured way over a sustained period with the support of an expert Work Group Lead to achieve shared outcomes. The aim is to develop mathematical leadership as well as pedagogy.

If you’d like to find out more about current primary and secondary workgroup opportunities, please click here.

Teaching for Mastery

The Teaching for Mastery programme is the flagship programme offered through the NCETM.

There are several ways – free or funded – that schools or individuals can become involved in teaching for mastery at both primary and secondary phases.

What is Mastery?

  1. A mastery approach; a set of principles and beliefs.
  2. A mastery curriculum.
  3. Teaching for mastery: a set of pedagogic practices.
  4. Achieving mastery of particular topics and areas of mathematics.

Mastery means that learning is sufficiently:

  • Embedded
  • Deep
  • Connected
  • Fluent

In order for it to be:

  • Sustained
  • Built upon
  • Connected to

For more information about The Teaching for Mastery programme, or Maths Hubs, please email